Nitush and Aroosh debut at Alcova with Monolith Sculpture, Milan

Nitush and Aroosh, the visionary Indian artists known for their boundary-pushing designs, unveiled their latest creation, the Monolith sculpture, at Alcova 2024 during Salone del Mobile in Milan. Collaborating with Adorno Design,the renowned European art gallery, Nitush and Aroosh showcased their captivating sculpture at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan.

As pioneers in redefining the boundaries of design, Nitush and Aroosh’s mission is to redefine design with sculptural textures and unique artistic expressions. Their sculptural furniture, lights, and objects, center on material interaction with light and surroundings, drawing inspiration from the fluidity and movement of water. Characterized by undulated textures and organic forms, their work embodies the notion that life is in constant motion and evolution.

The Monolith sculpture represents the culmination of Nitush and Aroosh’s artistic vision, capturing the essence of introspection and distortion. Crafted from stainless steel using innovative techniques such as hydroforming and meticulous hand craftsmanship, the Monolith stands tall at 180 cm, commanding attention with its imposing presence.

A sculpture with its own personality

The theme of the exhibition curated by Adorno Design was Animism, a belief system that assigns spiritual significance to all facets of existence, including inanimate objects. It posits that every natural entity possesses a soul or essence, a notion that deeply resonates with Nitush-Aroosh’s artistic philosophy.

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic monoliths that emerged globally during Covid, Nitush and Aroosh’s sculpture offers a contemporary interpretation infused with the essence of Animism. The sculpture’s personality transcends its physical form, evolving through dynamic interactions with viewers and its environment. The mirror-polished finish and undulated surface invite exploration, reflecting viewers’ interpretations within its reflective surface. As observers engage with the Monolith, they become part of its narrative, influencing its perceived personality, while its interaction with light and surroundings generates captivating patterns, animating the space and sparking curiosity and dialogue.

Despite its imposing appearance, the Monolith is surprisingly lightweight, aligning with Nitush and Aroosh’s commitment to sustainability. By prioritizing environmentally friendly production methods and utilizing lightweight materials, they minimize their environmental impact while creating exceptional works of art.

“We are thrilled to debut the Monolith sculpture at Alcova 2024 in collaboration with Adorno Design,” said Nitush and Aroosh. “This sculpture represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design while provoking thought and reflection in viewers. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our vision with the world.”

About Nitush – Aroosh:

Nitush and Aroosh are renowned designers based in India, known for their groundbreaking approach to sculptural furniture, lights, and objects. Characterized by sculptural textures and unique artistic expressions, their creations defy convention, incorporating stainless steel into ethereal, hollow forms that captivate the imagination and challenge traditional notions of beauty and functionality.

About Adorno Design:

Adorno Design is a leading platform for collectible contemporary design, showcasing works by top designers from around the world. With a focus on craftsmanship, innovation, and artistic expression, Adorno Design seeks to redefine the relationship between design and art. For more information about Nitush and Aroosh and their groundbreaking designs, please visit

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