Araya: A Culinary Journey Through South-American Fine Dining

Singapore Welcomes its First South-American Gastronomic Odyssey

Hidden within the Mondrian Singapore Duxton, Araya emerges as a beacon of South-American culinary excellence. Chefs Francisco Araya and Fernanda Guerrero, hailing from the picturesque Aconcagua Valley in Chile, invite diners on an intimate journey to discover the vibrant flavors of their heritage.

Araya Singapore invites diners on a culinary odyssey, weaving the soulful heritage of Chilean South Pacific cuisine with indigenous and Japanese ingredients. Every dish tells a story of love, respect for provenance, and a commitment to culinary finesse, creating a dining experience that transcends borders.


Designed to Dazzle: A Culinary Haven by Emma Maxwell

Concealed like a well-kept secret, Araya’s entrance within the Mondrian Singapore Duxton unfolds into an intimate dining room. The design maestro, Emma Maxwell, weaves her magic, drawing inspiration from Chile’s landscapes. The interiors mirror the sunsets and southern mountain ranges of Araya and Guerrero’s youth, creating a dream-like ambiance.

Harmony of Flavors: A Fusion of Chilean, Arabic, and Japanese Influences

Araya and Guerrero, seasoned chefs with experiences in renowned kitchens, present a multi-course dinner menu that seamlessly blends Chilean, Arabic, and Japanese influences. Delight in dishes like scallop ceviche cured with shio koji, smoked Pyrenees pigeon with aged Ecuadorean cacao, and wagyu-stuffed empanadas.

Quartz Elegance: The Heroic Chef’s Prep Bench

The dining counter and chef’s prep bench, sculpted from a monolithic slab of rose quartz, stand as the heroes of Araya’s dining room. This exquisite feature, inspired by the Atacama desert’s topography, showcases luminosity and hues, creating a mesmerizing visual feast.

Rooted in Heritage: A Message from Chefs Francisco and Fernanda

The Araya experience is a tapestry woven from Chilean South Pacific heritage and personal experiences. Every dish reflects cherished flavors of home, combined with the discovery of new tastes from their global travels.

Chefs Extraordinaire: Francisco Araya and Fernanda Guerrero

Chef Francisco, with a culinary journey spanning elBulli, Mugaritz, and Borago, brings a deep understanding of Japanese ingredients to elevate his unique Chilean South Pacific cuisine. Chef Fernanda, a pastry virtuoso, transports diners with her artfully unique breads and pastries, influenced by her homeland and familial memories.

Private Dining Extravaganza: The Andean Haven

Araya’s private dining room, adorned with an Andean mural, invites guests to enjoy the culinary experience in blissful privacy. A solid quartzite stone table and a porcelain light fixture, reminiscent of drifting clouds, create the perfect ambiance.

Indulge in Araya’s unique South-American culinary odyssey, where each dish is a celebration of heritage, passion, and soul. For reservations and inquiries about the private dining room, contact (65) 8870 0871 or visit

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