David Yurman Redefines Men’s Luxury with Michael B. Jordan

In a groundbreaking move, David Yurman, the American luxury jewelry brand, introduces its inaugural Men’s High Jewelry collection, ‘The Vault,’ with the charismatic Michael B. Jordan as the face of this new era.

Jordan, the global brand ambassador, steps into the spotlight, embodying the essence of ‘The Vault’ and headlining David Yurman’s 2024 campaign. Evan Yurman, President, and Chief Creative Officer, expresses the brand’s commitment to curiosity and innovation, paving the way for a bold exploration into men’s jewelry.

Captured by director and photographer Tyler Mitchell and styled by Jason Bolden against the backdrop of Los Angeles, the campaign unfolds as a visual narrative, celebrating the fusion of architectural design and creativity.

Rooted in inspiration drawn from architecture, mythology, and nature, ‘The Vault’ comprises a 30-piece collection featuring striking necklaces, bracelets, rings, and cufflinks. Each piece showcases bespoke cuts and illusion settings, highlighting hand-selected gemstones celebrated for their rarity and quality.

Oval links, adorned with pavé diamonds, come together to form a dazzling landscape, epitomizing seamless movement and an effortless aesthetic. Crafted by master artisans, the collection employs custom diamond cutting and setting techniques reminiscent of high watch-making precision.

Michael B. Jordan shares his perspective on the campaign’s theme, emphasizing individuality and the uniqueness each artist brings to the table. The collaboration with David Yurman becomes a platform for creating something universally timeless yet reimagined.

‘The Vault’ collection, a symbol of sophistication and innovation, is now available exclusively by appointment in select David Yurman retail stores, marking a defining moment in the evolution of men’s high jewelry.

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