The generation of the offended is going to end with mass shootings

All that’s hidden behind progressivism is promoting statism, welfare, in short, socialism. White men chained like slaves walking the streets of England, Congressmen on their knees in the US capital, streaming networks pulling classics (Gone with the Wind, 1938) from their services to avoid trouble with the Thought Police. The world is on its way into a maelstrom. It threatens to curtail freedoms completely.

It goes without saying that racism is utter nonsense. And I would like to extend this concept not only to racism based on skin colour, but also to racism of ideas, sexual preference and any kind of discrimination against human freedoms. However, the thought police have become increasingly authoritarian. Under the premise of protecting and fighting discrimination, they have unleashed a wave of social authoritarianism that seeks to impose a single way of thinking and political correctness as a way of life. Today, social exclusion, heckling and insults can escalate to arrests, beatings, torture, lynchings and mass shootings.

The left has progressively left behind the banners of communism and socialism, its new focus is progressivism, and through it in recent days it has forced white men and women to kneel and beg forgiveness for slavery that happened centuries ago; they have defenestrated the statue of Abraham Lincoln, yes, the man who was the leader of the abolition of slavery, and also the statue of Winston Churchill, one of the leaders against the crusade of Adolf Hitler (one of the greatest racists and murderers in history), just because they do not conform to the stereotypes and ideals of today’s progressivism. Now they are in the process of rewriting history, blaming others for the crimes of the past and exercising absolute control over the past, present and future. Anything that opposes the crusade of progressivism and egalitarianism must be abolished.

A Ghandi statue defaced in Canada and one removed from a University in Ghana

Some months ago, a columnist in the New York Times dared to criticise JRR Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings and perhaps the greatest epic fantasy writer in history. He created a unique world in which different races – not human – struggle for power, but beyond power, for survival. This man, who has spent decades imagining and writing this fantastic world, is now under attack. According to these people, the films based on his books do not have enough leading roles for women.

It doesn’t stop there. This stupidity is even being promoted by people who are now trying to censor themselves. Marta Kauffman, one of the creators of Friends, one of the most successful and popular sitcoms of all time, recently publicly expressed her regret that the show did not have “more racial diversity”. But why? Did The Prince of Rap, a sitcom starring Will Smith – about a successful black family – lack more white people to make it better? Why must there now be a gay, a trans, a black, an oriental, a white and an equal number of men and women in all film and television productions? How far will we go if we continue down this path of progressive stupidity? What is the next step? Are they going to force an equal division of men by race in professional sports? Are they going to promote it in the NBA, where more than 70% of the players are black (in absolute fairness, because they are obviously better)?

Abraham Lincoln’s defaced statue in Chicago

What they are trying to do with this “diversity” movement is to completely eradicate the meritocracy from our societies. This only encourages mediocrity and negates the fundamental pillar of human development – competitiveness. Positive discrimination is just as harmful, if not more so, than negative discrimination. It is the gateway to perpetuating misery when people start to feel insecure about their abilities and start to take on roles they are not prepared for just to fill diversity quotas.

In these dark times, the expansion of the thought-police and the state has been characterised by victimisation. Today, the majority of people do not want to progress, they do not want to prepare themselves, they do not want good jobs, they do not want to succeed. They want to be victims, they want to be part of the aggrieved generation, they want the big states to help them, and there is no worse evil that can be done to a person than to tell him that he cannot manage his life on his own.

J.K. Rawlings has been under vicious attack for saying only women menstruate ©

The promotion of statism, welfare, in short, socialism, is all that hides behind progressivism. Even millionaire celebrities like Ricky Martin, who live in the United States, one of the most open countries for homosexuality, want to pose as victims today because it is fashionable to do so. He, who has a stable life, who is legally married to his partner, says that he fears for his safety because of his sexual preferences. What is left for poor gay men in Arab countries if Ricky Martin, a famous millionaire living in the United States, fears for his safety because he is gay?

Today, enemies of humanity are even those who state the obvious. J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter saga, has been insulted, harassed, attacked in newspapers that once defended her and told to put down her pen, simply for saying that only women can menstruate – which to today’s thought police is an attack on transgender people.

Please, there is no need for trivialisation of these dark hours of humanity. This is no joke. There is a vast hate speech and agenda to destroy human freedoms in the name of progressivism behind all this victimhood, all this political correctness, all this supposed defence of diversity. Today it is booing, social lynching, tomorrow when they are in the institutions of power it will escalate, then the offended will start mass shootings.

Courtesy of Panam Post

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