A Warmhearted Welcome to Six Senses La Sagesse Grenada

Reset and Reconnect with Enriching Caribbean Experiences

On April 10th the brand’s debut resort in the Caribbean opened. With a pride of place beachfront setting, verdant rolling hills and spacious accommodation, the resort’s location offers effortless access to Grenada’s shimmering reefs and mystical rainforests. The island’s incredible natural beauty and soul-connecting cultural experiences provide the perfect backdrop for a journey of discovery, rejuvenation, and celebration. Thomas Fehlbier, General Manager, says: “Grenada is divided into six parishes, and La Sagesse, which is in the South-Eastern parish of St. David, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. It is filled with vibrant energy, and we are delighted to be opening our doors and welcoming our first guests to discover this unique location. Our hosts, many of whom were born and raised minutes from the resort, along with the neighboring community, are full of pride and all-embracing. We are immensely grateful to be breaking the mold and inviting the world to experience a side of Grenada that retains an incredible purity and remains somewhat undiscovered.”

Six Senses La Sagesse, the newest addition to Six Senses which is a part of IHG’s luxury and lifestyle portfolio, has 56 pool suites and 15 villas, ranging from one, two and four bedrooms, all with large outdoor terraces and private plunge pools. Every aspect of the resort’s design has been carefully considered, putting guests’ well-being at its heart, from abundant light and space to using natural and repurposed materials for the interiors.

Four Bedroom Cliff Retreat Pool

Grenadian farm-to-table experiences like no other

The Experience Center at the resort offers unique experiences to connect guests with Grenada’s Spice Island heritage and learn about its culture and way of life. This includes exciting activities like farm-to-table cooking, Caribbean-style high tea, waterfall dips, rainforest hikes and visits to dramatic coastlines. Each represents the convergence of tradition, sustainability, culture and community and is designed for visitors of all ages.

One bespoke tour offers behind-the-scenes farming experience, where guests can meet Theresa Marryshow, the Head of Grenada’s local women’s farming organization Grenrop. Guests can learn about Grenrop’s commitment to community development while enjoying culinary delights that reflect the essence of Grenadian cuisine.

Grenada is famous for providing one of the richest world-renowned cocoa beans, and a trip to the island is incomplete without exploring its internationally award-winning organic dark chocolate. The excursion provides an opportunity to experience the essence of Grenada’s chocolate-making tradition, culture and history from a farmer’s perspective.

Authentic dishes and delicacies from the land and sea

Featuring three restaurants, two bars, a bakery and destination dining that incorporates the Eat With Six Senses ethos, Six Senses La Sagesse menus are inspired by Caribbean and South American cuisine while keeping well-being in mind. Led by Executive Chef Jason Miller, every dish is brought to life with bold flavors using local produce grown in the fertile volcanic Grenadian soil. The resort team is committed to growing on-site and working with local suppliers to serve up fresh ingredients, maintaining a closeness to the surrounding community and reducing the resort’s carbon impact. Furthermore, a carefully curated selection of cocktails, local and international wines, and Grenadian specialty rums is available to enhance each dining experience.

Ocean View Pool Suite

Where age-old traditions and modern rituals meet

The spa is designed to leverage the abundance of fragrant spices with medicinal healing properties, along with local community knowledge, age-old traditions, and indigenous plants and herbs, to create innovative wellness programs that focus on sleep, movement, yoga, and longevity. The spa offers high-tech and high-touch therapies, guided by in-house experts and Visiting Practitioners, to help guide guests on a personal path to growth and reconnection.
Guests can indulge in bespoke treatments, including the Caribbean Cleansing Ritual, infused with island culture to promote balance. This ritual is topped off with a refreshing cup of local bush tea, providing the perfect end to a perfect experience. The Alchemy Bar, which can be found at all Six Senses resorts, allows guests to create potions and remedies using spices and herbs native to Grenada.

Two Bedroom Bay View Pool Villa Living Room

The transformation of the Lagoon

Six Senses La Sagesse prioritizes the conservation of local ecology while delivering a world-class guest experience the resort is designed around a natural lagoon that serves as a thriving habitat for a diverse range of species, including birds, fish, and other animals. Great care has been taken to maintain this ecosystem, deepening the water body during the resort’s development to allow small marine animals to enter its safe waters. The lagoon now naturally ebbs and flows with the tides, providing a haven for these creatures.

A selection of fruits, nuts and seeds have also been planted that attract migratory birds and local fauna, while gradually advancing the growth of indigenous grasses, shrubs, and trees, as naturally dispersed seeds are carried across the landscape. Native trees, including local White Cedar, Rock Fig, Bluggoe, and Plantain, are incorporated throughout the resort, providing a resilient biosphere that co-exists with the seasons.

Six Senses La Sagesse is 35 minutes by car from Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport, which is served by year-round flights from North America, Canada, and Europe.

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