A Hidden Treasure of Goa

In the mystical land of South Goa, where the rhythmic waves of the sea meet the gentle flow of a river and a healing spring, lies Neemrana’s Three Waters. This heritage ‘non-hotel’ made from the recuperated stones of a 20th c. Portuguese customs house is not just a place to rest; it is a junction that weaves together the stories of the past and present. With its idyllic setting, this lovely heritage property in South Goa embraces the beauty of its surroundings – the river, the sea, and a healing spring – offering a unique experience that captures the traditional essence of Goa.

As you approach Neemrana’s Three Waters, driving through the vibrant and colorful homes of the local fishermen in Betul, you will feel a sense of anticipation. This is not your ‘hotel-hotel’; it is a place where the world fades away and the soul finds solace. The Betul village, where the hotel stands, is a quintessential fishing village whose people have lived there and respected the sea for thousands of years where mechanization is still not welcome. This is where Goa meets the present but still lives slow.

The property itself is a museo-tel, a haven of history and art, adorned with a display of 9,000 rare shells, corals, and fossils amidst which you can savor delicacies at the Sea Horse eatery. Each room pays homage to a different variety of shells, inviting you to embark on a poetic journey through the wonders of the sea.

The view of Wing-II from Wing I

As you dine at the Sea Horse, the intimate restaurant, you will be surrounded by a symphony of the spectacular collection of marine shells, corals and other artefacts from across the world which continue to mesmerize each visitor. Relish warm and freshly baked pão, curries, and a myriad of fried, smoked, grilled, and baked dishes made with the freshest catch of the day as you embark on a culinary adventure that encapsulates the essence of Goan cuisine. Every bite is a celebration of flavors, where organic spices infuse each dish with a touch of magic. Depending on the weather, choose to dine at the Gazebo, the terraces overlooking the river, or by the tranquil swimming pool. Plan a special picnic lunch which they can pack for you, an impromptu barbecue or even a Chef’s table set on a secluded beach for a memorable dining experience.

A outdoor dining over looking the magestic mer

Beyond the walls of the villa, a tapestry of coastal life unfolds before your eyes. Watch with awe as the fisher folk weave baskets and nets, their nimble fingers working in harmony with the rhythms of the sea. Observe the timeless art of knotting ropes from coconut hemp, a craft that has been passed down through generations. Witness the skilled artisans carve canoes from sturdy tree trunks, their craftsmanship a testament to the enduring spirit of Goa.

Dive into blissfull bepths at Neemrana_s Three Waters

Immerse yourself in the essence of Goa’s coastal life by embarking on a fishing adventure. Feel the thrill as you catch your own fish, and then experience of learning the ancient art of smoking or grilling it to perfection. Let the flavors of the sea dance on your taste buds, an ode to the traditional Goan cuisine that is lovingly prepared using 100% organic spices, vegetables, and cold-pressed oils. At Neemrana’s Three Waters, the culinary journey is a homage to the land and its people. You can also savor the delights cooked on firewood by local women from the fishing communities across the western and Konkan coast, a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Sea House Resturant

Retreat to the comfort of your room, where picturesque views await. Whether you awaken to the vibrant hues of the sunrise, the gentle flow of the Sal River, or the inviting allure of the swimming pool, each moment spent within your room is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your senses. The balcony beckons, a tranquil space where you can bask in the freshness of the surroundings, finding solace in the gentle whispers of the wind.

The facade of Neemrana_s Three Waters

As the sun kisses the horizon, couples find themselves immersed in a world of romance. The natural beauty that surrounds Neemrana’s Three Waters becomes the backdrop for intimate moments and stolen glances. Plan a candle-light dinner, where a soft glow illuminates the views of the river, setting the stage for a magical evening of love and connection.

Venture beyond the hotel’s embrace and explore the treasures of Goa. Just a stone’s throw away from Neemrana’s Three Waters, the ruins of Betul Fort stand proudly, perched on the edge of the Sal River with the vast sea on the other side. This small fort, erected in 1676 on the orders of Shivaji Maharaj, tells tales of battles fought and victories where the Marathas could levy taxes on Portuguese ships! A short drive away lies Cabo de Rama Fort, a Hindu stronghold claimed by the Portuguese after defeating the Raja of Soonda. From its ramparts, you can revel in the breathtaking vistas that Goa has to offer reminding you of the region’s historical grandeur.

View from one of the rooms at Neemrana_s Three

Capture moments frozen in time as you photograph the nimble toddy tappers climbing the towering coconut trees each morning, their skill and agility a marvel to behold. Observe the colourful sareed women as they crack oysters on the rocks, their labor celebrating the simplicity and beauty of everyday life. And don’t forget to relish the benefits of Kharvi’s healing spring, a reminder of the eternal restorative powers of nature.

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Neemrana’s Three Waters is more than just a hotel; it is a gateway to exploration. The hotel’s prime but secluded location allows guests to delve into the captivating attractions that surround it. Embark on cycling or trekking trips through winding roads, meandering through picturesque villages that showcase the true essence of South Goa. For those seeking solitude, a canoe ride across the river leads to secluded beaches untouched by the excesses of tourism. Lose yourself in the white sandy shores adorned with rocky structures, palm trees, and casuarina groves. Explore the hidden treasures of Goa, from its magnificent churches to the enchanting lighthouses that guide weary souls home. Or embark on an evening boat cruise, where the gentle lapping of the waves and the salty sea breeze create an unforgettable experience.

At Neemrana’s Three Waters, the allure lies not in opulence or extravagance but in the enchantment of intimacy, nature, heritage and architecture. It is a place where stories intertwine, where the whispers of the past mingle with the gentle whispers of the sea. Come, wander through the junction where the earth meets the water, and allow Neemrana’s Three Waters to quench your thirst for travel and surprise. Let this 20th-century heritage villa be your guide to a world of beauty, history, and cherished memories.

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