The marvellous story behind Metaphore

One day, at the beginning of 2001, someone suggested that the time was right for the launch of a new magazine on the cutting edge of culture and lifestyle in Spain. I don’t remember who, to be honest. But soon after, Tatiana Loaiza, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, Ignacio de Marichalar, Javier Marin and I started working on the project. After months of hard work, the first issue was published in November 2002 and Metaphore was born and presented to the world in a big party sponsored by Moet & Chandon and Lancia, who became our partners during the 15 months of the adventure.

Although the decision was not unanimous, we decided to make it a monthly. As a matter of fact, it was a bit of a struggle to convince the others. In retrospect, I regret my decision. We should have gone quarterly.

The first cover was a beautiful illustration by the artist Alex Pons of H.R.H. Prince Felipe of Bourbon, Prince of Asturias, and heir to the Spanish throne. He represented the future of the country and in fact now reigns as Felipe VI.

From the second issue to the last, each issue had a theme. All the articles revolved around this theme: Multicultural, Luxury, Mysticism, Future, Tradition, Ego, Beauty, Men, Travel, Dali and Sex, which was our last issue.

The magazine ran for 15 consecutive months. It was finally closed due to lack of advertising revenue. All the issues published became collectors’ items and during its run Metaphore achieved iconic status.

Metaphore Creative Culture is being relaunched in English as an online publication with an annual print edition, inspired by the same original enthusiasm that created the magazine and with some of its founding contributors on board.

On Metaphore, our contributors will be free to express their opinions and our readers will discover a redefined global luxury and culture. Metaphore: a passport to knowledge and sophistication.

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