Hermès Unveils Sensual and Contemporary Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s Fashion Collection in a Lush Meadow

In the freshness of a meadow, spring gracefully transitions into summer as Hermès unveils its much-anticipated Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s Fashion Collection. Sensual and contemporary silhouettes meander through tall grass, accentuating body contours as they elegantly glide forward.

A Monochromatic Stroll Through Elegance and Mastery

The runway unfolds as a monochromatic promenade, a homage to lightness and the dexterity of forms. The possibilities of leather are manifested in signature prints, tailoring takes on new dimensions, and transparencies accentuate a sensual allure.

Stylized Silhouettes Playing with Maison Emblems

Stylized silhouettes playfully incorporate the maison’s emblems. Coats move with flexibility, akin to a natural extension of equestrian jackets. Leather is sculpted and trimmed, while embroideries and geometric designs create familiar motifs.

Reinterpretation of Suits with Lightness and Delicacy

Suits are reinterpreted with a light and delicate touch. Shapes round out, lines transform, and structures soften. Pants evolve into skirts, trench coats become ponchos, and silk twill breathes airiness into the silhouette.

A Subtle Dialogue Between Body and Garment

A subtle dialogue unfolds between the body and the garment, where materials play with perceptions and reveal their delicacy through transparency. Lightweight leather is punctured, volumes embrace the waist, and sensual cuts expose backs and necklines.

The Atmosphere: A Fresh Meadow Bathed in Daylight

The runway is set in a fresh meadow bathed in daylight. The crunch of grass beneath the models’ feet interacts with the materials, inviting a stroll through the serene vegetation. The senses gradually awaken, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Video Production: BK France | Music: Studio Frédéric Sanchez | Runway Photography: Filippo Fior | Ambient Photography: Jack Day | Details Photography: Gaspar Ruiz Lindberg | Set Photography: Villa Eugénie

This Spring-Summer 2024 collection from Hermès embodies the essence of the season, marrying contemporary elegance with the brand’s iconic craftsmanship. The collection invites fashion enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world where nature and style seamlessly intertwine.

About Hermès Hermès is a renowned luxury brand globally celebrated for its craftsmanship, timeless designs, and dedication to quality. With a rich heritage dating back to 1837, Hermès continues to set the standard for luxury fashion, leather goods, and accessories.

Website: Hermès Official Website

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