MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Collection Unveils Exclusive Auction for Charity

In a landmark collaboration between Omega and Sotheby’s, watch enthusiasts worldwide are in for a treat. Explore the unique MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Collection and seize the chance to bid on eleven extraordinary timepieces, all for a charitable cause.

Auction for a Cause

Discover the unprecedented opportunity to bid on eleven MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcases, each housing the complete set of Omega x Swatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold” timepieces. This auction marks a historic moment as the first-ever offering of these rare models as a set, with all proceeds generously benefiting Orbis International’s fight against blindness.

As the hands of time merge with the golden hues of Moonshine Gold, this auction encapsulates not just horological excellence but a collective effort to illuminate a brighter future through the invaluable work of Orbis International.

World Tour Showcase

Before the auction concludes on February 24th, witness the allure of the “Mission to Moonshine Gold” collection during its global tour. Eleven Omega Boutiques across iconic cities, including Zurich, Tokyo, New York, and Paris, will host a showcase from February 1st to 11th. Join us and experience the magnificence of these timepieces up close.

Evolving Elegance: MoonSwatch Collection

Originally captivating the watch world in March 2022, the MoonSwatch collection boasts genuine Bioceramic craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from space, planets, and the revered Speedmaster design. Explore the evolution of this remarkable collection, culminating in the radiant “Mission to Moonshine Gold” versions released in 2023.

Golden Touch: Timepieces with a Story

Dive into the details of the eleven “Mission to Moonshine Gold” timepieces, each featuring a seconds hand coated in Omega’s exclusive 18K Moonshine Gold. From strawberry patterns to flower motifs, discover the playful and artistic details paying homage to celestial events and historical Speedmaster designs.

Marvelous Suitcases: A Collector’s Dream

Explore the intricacies of the MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcases, housing not only the timepieces but also a golden monocle and an exclusive coin engraved with the aviation code of the showcased city. Delve into the uniqueness of these collectors’ items, making them a must-have for horology enthusiasts.

Global Auction Access

Join us at Sotheby’s online auction, accessible globally on Bidding begins on February 12th and concludes on February 24th—the next full moon. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of horological history while contributing to a noble cause.

For further details, explore Omega’s dedicated page here and Sotheby’s information here

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