Georges Hobeika Spring / Summer 2024 Couture Collection

This collection is a first for the Maison – inspired by and paying homage to the Arab
world. It references the glamour and beauty of Middle Eastern women, the joyful and
creative aspects of the region’s culture, and the sense of compassion and care
displayed throughout the Orient. Elements of childhood nostalgia meld with the spirit
of the 50s, 60s and 70s to echo the joie de vivre of the eras’ parties, while a sense of
streamlined modernism brings a contemporary edge to the designs. Colourful
silhouettes and playful details express the warmth of the Arab spirit, translating a
feeling of hope and compassion. For Co-Creative Directors Georges and Jad Hobeika,
this collection is a love letter to the women and the culture which nurtured them, and
continue to influence them.

True to the carefree, glamorous attitude of Beirut in the 1960s, silhouettes are poised
and elegant, the models impeccably coiffed, as if stepping out of the salon on their way
to a party. This sense of fun and happiness is evident not only in a vibrant colour palette
in shades of red, green, pink, purple and blue, but also in light-hearted inspirations
from Arabian culture. The quintessential coffee cup, central to Lebanese social
occasions, is reinvented as an earring, while the swirls of its grains – used to predict
good fortune – are worked as prints and motifs across flawless column dresses.
Tapestry and rugs are also a key feature, whether as dresses or skirts, they ingeniously
wrap the models’ body. Also, fringed borders and intricate details reflect the oriental
feel on shoes and bags. The spirit of the 1001 Nights is present in the shimmering
motifs and translucent designs, with a coat as if crafted from glass, and magical tulle
and mousseline gowns which appear to float, as if simply suspended on the body.

Details from childhood memories – a treasured garden, a backgammon board – appear
in the intricate embroideries which are a Maison GEORGES HOBEIKA trademark,
alongside highly detailed thread work with a contrasting texture, replicating the tapestry
and fringes of a rug: the house’s unique savoir-faire placed at the service of emotion.
Also, evident throughout the collection is the contrast between sensuality and modesty,
as dresses twirl in an entrancing choreography inspired by Oriental dance. Curves are
at once enhanced and revealed, yet hands remain covered throughout, with the gloves
becoming a quintessential element, a dégradé beginning at the fingertips and gently
shifting through the spectrum of colours. Ornate bags are worked to match the gloves,
continuing the sense of playfulness and attention to detail evident in the whole

Celebrating the joyful spirit and open mind of an entire region, Maison GEORGES
HOBEIKA offers a timely reminder of its creative roots.

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